Gun Violence, The Media, and White Privilege

With all the media coverage surrounding recent shootings involving schools and the latest call to stricter gun laws, I am appalled at the level of attention that has been given to these shootings. These are tragedies, each and every one. I applaud the students in Florida for taking action and making their voices heard. The hypocrisy of the media is inexcusable.

First of all, the media has given far more attention to these tragedies than they do any other gun related homicide. The only gun violence stories you will see on the national news networks are stories that involve shock value. Local and regional news even leave something to be desired in this area. News services and news channels decide what stories are “newsworthy” or not.

Now for the harsh reality of this situation. This is just another case of white privilege in action and media hypocrisy. We wait until this problem hits white suburbia. Children of inner cities and other non white neighborhoods have been deemed collateral damage of gun violence for too long. They are victims just like these white kids that are now crying, “Enough!” Accept the voices of these slain children will not be heard. The media counts them as gang combatants “offing” each other. When a non-white child is killed because they get caught in the line of fire in a shooting, the media gives a body count for the incident and it’s on to the next story. These children, that are murdered have no voice, no one tells their stories, and frankly the media doesn’t care! These victims of gun violence bleed just as red as those slain at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. However, the government will not hear their stories, and the media will not tell the stories of these fallen who avoid trouble, work hard in school, and of their other successes. These victims will be laid to rest and conveniently forgotten by everyone except for those that knew and loved them.

One thought on “Gun Violence, The Media, and White Privilege

  1. Little 9-year old Jamyla Bolden sat on her mother’s bed in their grandmother’s small ranch home in Ferguson, MO studying for school. Jamyla was soft spoken and always wanted to please her mother and grandmother. Living in a turbulent city, in a turbulent time, she was focused on being the best she could be instead of succumbing to the push to be with the wrong crowd. At about 9:30 pm the sound of gunfire from outside sent a hail of bullets into the house and room hitting, and killing her. This ended the promise of a possible doctor, architect, or even more. This African-American tragedy never got the attention of protests, demonstrations, or shock value of a school shooting. Other incidents that got attention that week included the residence of 2 young thugs that the police raided. The referenced thugs ran out the back door with four stolen guns and illegal drugs. One pointed a stolen gun at a police officer and was shot by the police officer, injuring the thug (not killing him). The other thug got away. Immediately the same old crowd of anti-police/ anti-white protesters showed up inciting violence and intolerance. The mother of the injured thug pleaded that her son was innocent, and was mentally challenged. That he couldn’t possibly be guilty of any crimes. I think the news media promoting that behavior should have had their broadcast licenses removed by the FCC and prosecuted for irresponsible journalism by inciting violence. What a terrible pity for promising people like Jamyla Bolden. This is 4th Generation Warfare.
    As far as “white privilege goes well,… I’ve been interracially married for 35+ years and I see “Affirmative Action” as a monumental stumbling block to real interracial progress in our country. I see “Equal Opportunity” as the golden rule (treat others as you would have them treat you) and works very well for self-motivated achievers in our “melting pot” nation. When I was in the service (for 20 years) I had to take promotion tests to advance. On every test since 1977 I had to check the block marked “Caucasian/White” for race. All milestone life event challenges in the military were this way. Non-whites received a ten point advantage on ALL tests (including US Government employment). That was affirmative action/equal opportunity (for everyone except whites), and has affected my life since I was 16. I believe the media has inspired “white privilege” as the new buzz-term because it creates profitable chaos for their stories. I will not apologize to anyone for being white. My non-white wife has lived all the anti-white events with me and we both understand racism well, no matter what race gives birth to its racist hate speech. There is an old-west saying “Don’t piss down my backside and tell me it’s raining!” I’m white and won’t betray my race. My wife is Asian and won’t betray her race. Neither one of us would ask the other to do so. So as far as “White Privilege” goes,… it’s not real. When whites become the minority they will get minority benefits that all other races enjoy in this country. I guess that will be a privilege too,… right.


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