Lack of Action Justified?

We Citizens of the Last Free Nation Surrender?

We the citizens of the United States have been and continue to be under the treasonous leadership of the POTUS as well as the massive amount of insurgents from the Muslim Brotherhood.

With little or no help from the spineless Congress or Senate GOP. While this ruthless and hostile take over by the Socialist Progressive from within both parties can be no surprise. We do have an option.

If you have ever noticed how the left can muster enough protesters to support the wildest of lies? Like ‘hands up don’t shoot” never happened. They just got the media to repeat it enough for them that it was excepted even after they admitted it was a lie. All because they got in the face of the media with enough people. Notice after the media left it died away for the most part.

Now they have enough people in their face with “black lives matters” it has gotten into the political stream. As long as the media feeds it. While over 90% of America believe that ALL lives matter. Yet we allow the thugs to silence the largest part of the citizens.

Now we are faced with invasion (s) of millions of illegal “refugee’s”. From both south of the border more and more Syrians. Who have been flown into the U.S. for the last 6 years. With zero back ground checks, thousands of dollars spending monies, homes, healthcare and food stamps. This is not including high percentage of young men being brought in by the Obama administration from Syria. Again the treasonous act of no back ground checks.

While all this is dangerous and treasonous from the Progressive Socialist from both parties. The worst is in the making that MUST be stopped before 2016 elections.

The liberal progressives in California have already given illegal aliens the right to vote. While the rest of the Socialist Progressive Liberals have made it no secret they plan the same. While these are illegal by every measure of the State’s and U.S. Constitution’s. I’ve not seen one person much less any group of American citizens getting into the face’s of their reps. Nor surrounding any media van to make a peep. Not even circle the wagons in  defensive effort.

Well America, unless we get in their face’s both the media and Congressmen and Senators our children and Grand children will never know the Constitution (s) states or U.S. . Many already trying to replace them with sharia law. (did you know we now have federal Muslim judge’s sworn in on the Koran?)

Answer?? Get in their face’s with both feet if need be. Weekly phone calls, e-mails and letters and push for Voter ID with proof of citizenship.  Every citizen 1 person 1 vote. Everyone HAS to have an ID. Push It Loud! Fear Not! Don’t be lied to or bluffed.  Get involved. Unless you choose surrender of your personal protection of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

One thought on “Lack of Action Justified?


    Fools, Fools and More Fools

    I keep reading and hearing that when it comes to illegal immigration. That ” we are all immigrants here” and
    that ” the only true American here is the Native American”.
    First off let me start with I and my family have the blood of two tribes and am very proud of it. True that they was cheated in every way.

    At least every tribe had the courage to fight to try to keep what was theirs at one time or another. However
    they became a conquered people. So if you feel real bad about it sign over everything you own to the tribes. Tell them your sorry for everything your forefathers has done. Then move out as a refugee to another country. Don’t worry about visa’s or other legal stuff. Oh but wait, where and what country can you go? But you might want to start looking if your not going to stand up.

    It wasn’t long ago a man was voted in to be President of (all the people) United States. With ALL his records of his past sealed. Never done ever before! It has been found and proven that he has several thousands case’s of voter fraud in both elections. But it was ignored and dismissed. It was found and proven that he has several social security cards and numbers that he has used through the years. When this was brought before a federal (liberal) judge. He dismissed it and stated ” it didn’t matter the law was broke, he is the President”.

    This brings us to the millions of illegal immigrants and so called refugees. The state of California has already given them the right to vote in their progressive liberal democrat state. The rest of the liberal democrat congress and senate have made it no secret want to do the same to seal millions of illegal votes for their party.

    So lets look at who we are talking about. First consider the New Black Panthers and the American Islamic
    / Muslim Brotherhood. Both calling for the death of all whites man, woman and children. As well as all what
    they call “the Uncle Tom’s” that do not agree with them.

    Second all illegal immigrants that has crossed into the US, given healthcare, homes, jobs and food stamps.
    With the promise of citizenship from the progressive liberals of both parties. There was hundreds of thousands of Syrian’s being flown into the U.S. for the last 6 yrs. Each was given, homes, jobs and $20,000.00 bank roll. Without any back ground checks what so ever. This is before the so called “refugees”.
    They to are promised all the rights of citizenship. Votes bought and paid for illegally.

    We can not reverse the tide completely. But a hard demanding push for voter ID proving citizenship. Holding everyone to 1 vote and 1 vote only.

    Anything less is total and personal surrender to leave our children and grandchildren to the madness that is about to fall on this country. Don’t have to dig to much or to hard to see the destruction if one can get past the denial to protect the parties.

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