Why are we even having the conversation

It has been a very long time that  I have wrote here. In part I had little  to say,and or heath problems. I pray and hope my friends and non-supporters have not gave up.

I just find it hard to believe that any country that stood for a small part of truth in the American way. Would in fact consider THIS woman to lead this country And lead to what?

This “leader” you are looking at not only murdered on her orders but documented . And is on live tape of her saying “she would go after the movie the was the cause of it, It was NOT terrorist” Knowing it was. Even the court of good sense shows she is a liar.

To stand in the face of those she  the (p)resident and his people, told alone at the TARWAX with flag covered.Tell the parents of these men and women they are the liars. This is the one you would vote in?

I will not even  begin to start on her emails, or the billions that she happened to lose, giving of ton of enrich nuc. product that now Iran has. Or that she pays the women who work for her less than men that do. Nor will I talk of he husband she says she will give NAFTA  and debt control. (kiss ss goodbye, how he made it work last time)

Just look an listen to what you say is ok in  the leader you?want. The Santa that want to give away ever thing,

Now that Trump guy. He is NOT a conservative that we are told is Conservative. He IS an AMERICAN for America. I do not like a lot for what he says. He has not fought in a war, but is as close to J.F.K. and Eisnhorr were to American.

He wants to check the fed and slowly return to gold standards. (thats’ what got J.F.K. killed)He wants to replace MUCH of the government that does not work weather budget is made at all

Spelling is getting harder fro me now without  going back so much.

Don’t get me wrong I will take American over the other choice’s. Ah yes I remember choice and not who my Union  or someone told me I needed.

These are my choice’s.


One thought on “Why are we even having the conversation

  1. Thanks for telling it like it is Cb4life! I can’t tell you how many people have told me that “Trump is not a real conservative, why vote for him?”. My answer is this,… every politician that has been elected, or even nominated for the race for POTUS, was not, and never has been a “True Republican”, “True Democrat”, or “True Conservative”. They somehow evangelize the populous into believing that somehow they are the “Real Deal” of their particular party, when in fact, they are part of a much larger agenda that is determined to cause the utter failure of the American way of life, and our economy. You might ask why someone would shoot themselves (figuratively speaking) like that? They believe that they, and their families will have a key role in the so called new world order elite society. They absolutely do not care about the U.S. or the people that love our country the way our forefathers set it up to be! They are self righteous, self loving, dishonest, greedy, media serving, coat tail riders! If Trump gets elected POTUS the first thing they will do is try to “buddy-up” to Trump and justify why they committed treasonous acts, and tried to subvert our nations people with lies and deceptions.

    Cb4life, you hang in there brother, and you can hold your head up high because you committed yourself to our free principles in Vietnam, and you continue to do so even in poor health. We are the land of the free because of the brave like yourself. Thanks for your words and your wisdom my friend.


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