Insanity Continues To Be In The Making

Wha…What the Hell?

We are witnessing the full manipulation by (p)resident Obama, John Kerry and the Progressive Rhino GOP John McCain. Along with other manipulating Progressive Socialist of both parties. If the hat seems to fit the Speaker of the House, then it just does. He has done little to stand between the Obama Radical Agenda and the U.S. Constitution.

If you haven’t heard it from the propaganda media. The (p)resident has gotten the blessing with the backing of (Joan) John McCain and (Nancy) Lensy Graham. To arm, train and support the “rebel” Al Qaeda in Syria. All Obama needs to do is “check in” with congress now and then.  And I repeat myself… What The Hell? Train, arm and support the enemy that has swore to destroy the U.S. and Jews. From the face of the earth and or enslave. And hope it don’t come back to bite us in the ass..?

And why not, our readiness is below that of per WW-1. That’s one not two before Pearl Harbor. This administration has made it a steady job dismantling our military and defense’s. That is a whole story of its self. Needing the funding for social programs. Of course sending arms to Egypt as well as Hamas, Taliban and Insurgents in Afghanistan.

I did find myself agreeing with one democrat. He suggested the U.S. raise taxes to support the reopening of the draft.  We are in a real bad spot to even do that anymore. Not having the industry or energy supply needed to rebuild a defense/war machine. The man power to train and put into the field would take a year to be effective. In opening that draft with the meaning of the oath being less. How many insurgents would we enlist? Not being allowed to “profile” by the ACLU.

If we could now get rid of the insurgents in the White House, Congress and the Courts.  Just recently every Democrat in Harry Reids Senate voted to amend the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As well as to support the ending of term limits for the office of president.

The voter is the answer. Is the person you want in office fully vetted? Or a full Constitution Patriot? Right now contact your Senator and Congressman. Do you want to be a part of aiding and comforting a culture who’s aim in life is to kill or enslave you, your children or grand children. To do nothing is treason against them and your nation.  Stand!!

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One thought on “Insanity Continues To Be In The Making

  1. Obama is a disgusting shell of a president with an ego that cannot be contained by our great Constitution. He purposely fans the flames of racism in our country in the hope it will create a formidable wedge between blacks and whites. He hides this effort through the deliberate “shell game” of wars, rumors of wars, and a light seasoning of an Ebola pandemic fear. The right and left elitists both have an ultimate agenda of a complete “nanny-state” centered United States with no room for the middle class to exist. All politicians are part of the elitist class of rich Americans pressing for a two-class American society (rich and poor). This is why the middle class are concerned for the loss of their privacy and personally intrusive government monitoring. This is why the government must always control the middle class. This is also why the poor class and rich class are not at all concerned with their loss of privacy and overwhelming government intrusion into their every waking moment. They can sense that they have nothing to fear. The middle class Americans are the true losers in this government spun class-warfare.
    Obama’s ISIS speech is just another turd in the many turds he leaves behind like the errant mutt running through the neighborhood crapping in peoples yards. Even I have to question what is seriously going on with our nation. As a white male I feel the government and their servant main-stream media want me, and my kind out of the picture. They underestimate my kind.

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