It Smells Of A Staged Setup

  All these new failings of the Secret Service has all the markings of presetting  a stage for a bogus attempt against the (p)resident.

The fence jumper with a knife making it all the way to the green room. As well as the man in the elevator having his own firearm. Neither of these seem possible with any Secret Service.

  Why go to all the trouble?  With a bogus attempt involving anyone with a fire arm discharge near the (p)resident.  With the great actors they can be. Along with the insane propaganda media. This will be his push for sweepings gun control. Forcing a spineless congress to sign into the U.N small arms ban. Who has already put a ban on lead ammo claiming  conservation concerns.

I am NOT saying that this is in fact what is happening.  I would put nothing past this administration to force its agenda. Just saying this smells of a setup as evil as any other scandal.

I truly pray that I am wrong. If not remember you heard it here first.

I welcome your thoughts and prospective.

One thought on “It Smells Of A Staged Setup

  1. You may be right Cb4life. Anytime we can plainly see what the security of our president is by published media, then you can bet the farm that there is an ulterior motive for it. They NEVER publicize the presidential security response measures that they can incorporate, or the security detail tasked with responding to a threat. This just isn’t done. But they did just that. I don’t know what the agenda is that they are pushing but it does stink with lies and a rotten RED HERRING. Deception at it’s finest for the “sheeple” of the U.S. Our countries president is a patsy and a frigid little coward, shaking with fear of what the people controlling him might do if he doesn’t do what they want. He is thick with cowardice, ego, pride, and fear. I will defend my family from his idiocy while I can. Like Dennis Miller said: “Whe’re on a ‘log-ride’, plummeting down the trough. It’s too late to change that fact, but we can do our best to cover up and not get too damn wet at the bottom!”

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