Obama’s Remarkable Speech on ISIS

First let me start by saying that I did not listen to all of Obama’s speech. What I did hear and read about was in fact remarkable. Surprised how remarkably stupid and ignorant these plans at simple face value are.

What is not surprising they are trying to sell old faulty plan that has cost us more in security of our nation for decades.  Being supported by every Progressive Liberal and Rhino Progressive Republican and Democrat.

To train, arm and support the rebel/freedom fighters?!!  Where anywhere in resent history has this ever worked? Even in Mexico our special force’s trained their force’s to deal with the cartels. Only for many of them to desert for higher pay and work for the cartels themselves. We trained, armed and supported. Now they are invading the U.S. across our southern border. Killing our agents armed from guns and ammo from Fast & Furious. Still no answer for  Obama’s and the DOJ’s part in it.

The U.S. trained, armed and supported (much help never made it) Osama Bin Laden. To fight against the Russians, we see how well that turned out. Hundreds of stinger missiles has yet to be accounted for. Al Qaeda spread through out the world due to lack of resolve by the U.S. and the west.

The U.S. (secretly) trained, armed and supported Hussein’s Iraq against Iran. Then where did we go to chase Al Qaeda and WMD’s? (that I believe was moved to Syria)  Fought against our weapons and training. Was able to overwhelm with a 36 counties backing us. (Obama has 9)

We went into Afghanistan, trained, armed and supported every insurgent (against the U.S. mostly depending who paid more.) Where the death rate of American service men and women was 4 times higher under Obama’s rules of engagement. To protect civilians  regardless of harboring the enemy many in police and Afghan military uniforms. killing Americans while we trained them.

The Obama administration supported the Arab Spring in Egypt. Over throwing the setting government for the Muslim Brotherhood. Of which he sold hundreds of the newest tanks and fighters. With complete training and weapons. Only to have the Egyptian’s throw the Muslim Brotherhood out. And called Obama Muslim Brotherhood in full public media. Never heard that from CNN did ya?

Now things much faster from here in what seems to be from movie plot.

We go to Libya.. flying sorties, arming rebel/freedom fighters against Kadafi.  Knowing but denying that the “rebels” was in fact AlQaeda. The very same that our troupes was in combat against in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Very soon the setting government overthrown.  Strange things happened.

All the mass amounts of weapons (including gas) missiles, heavy and hand held. Military equipment of every sort seemed to just disappear and show up with the rebel/freedom fighters of Syria. The Prime Minister of Turkey leaves the compound of our U.S. Ambassador Stevens. And just happens to come under attack almost an hour later. Where he and 4 other Americans were assassinated. (yes I said it) Still no real answers as of yet. Lots of desk pounding but nothing yet.

Meanwhile the rebels in Syria had little to fight with came up with a full war chest. Gas attack out of nowhere (just happens some missing from Libya stockpiles. Obama, Kerry and Joan..er ah I mean John McCain and other progressive GOP along with liberals press congress to train, arm and support.  Being denied those funds they do it anyway around congress in Jordan. Jezzz

Somehow out of his great wisdom, (p)resident Obama release’s 5 top Taliban leaders. Traded for 1 U.S deserter. Within a very short time ISIS started Storm Trooping across Iraq. Gathering more arms we left behind. (A whole other story) Killing, lopping heads off women and children doing much worse if you have been reading at all. Strange how ISIS made their rise so fast after the 5 was released.

Now they really have the balls to do it again. It sounds like it will happen again. Anyone stand for no in congress Obama will go around it. And get support from the progressive GOP and dems.

This again will be aiding and giving comfort to the enemy. Nothing short of it. That’s why in his speech he was careful of the title terrorist.

The following statement are just mine. I have no proof, just thought. If anyone has proof would love to see it.

#1 ) I do not believe Osama Bin Laden is dead. It was all show for this administration to have a claim to fame. Why was he buried at sea? Why was the only full team of Navy SEAL’s that could prove different be assassinated in Afghanistan. All in one chopper? By an APG? Not  likely. Smelled like a set up from the get go. Strange also how the Commander of that team killed himself as well. To many DOTS connect to many unanswered questions.

#2) Ambassador Stevens I believe was assassinated. He knew and was trying to stop the flow of weapons leaving Libya.  Along with his rescuer’s murdered. There is still no answer for where they went from Libya. Or how the “rebels” (Al Qaeda) in Syria got the traced weapons.  Obama always declares those responsible will pay. But NEVER has and NEVER will. From the beginning with his goons buzzin New York in Air Force one. To the IRS and Benghazi.

#3) I believe the Treason is running high, wide and deep. How is it we cannot and have not stopped real life enemies from crossing our borders? All four corners leak like a screen door. Flying in “Syrians” in by the thousands without keeping track of them. Any Muslim dressed as a woman flying in or out never checked. Why so many trying or not stopping the destruction of the Constitution. Why isn’t the full force of the media informing Americans full story of what has already been signed over to the U.N?

#4) (p)resident Obama has no intention of stopping, slowing down or destroying ISIS. Or any other Islamic Terrorist group. He can’t or won’t admit they and he are of the same religious belief. His extreme is just well hidden(almost) of his hatred for the United States. Sad that our government is so infested with treasonous progressive’s so willing to dismantle the greatest country. One that people chance life and limb to get here. And they are welcome, as we are with all our failings. look behind you what you left. We need not change for you. But you adjust to us.

I do hope to read your prospective.


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  1. I like what you wrote here Cb4life. Everyone at work is asking me about the events in the Middle East. They are worried too. I tell them we have a “Red Herring” as a president. Obama is definitely NOT what would seem to be. He is a traitor to our nation but our elected politicians do not care. It’s as if they know of some impending catastrophic event to take place in the future, and don’t care about what he does or does not do. It’s unreasonable to think that there is not some kind of master plan that only elitists know about but can’t or won’t tell the public for fear of being left out in the cold when the ax falls. I envision very bad things happening to our great nation. We must protect and defend our families and way of life. The inevitable is coming I fear.

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