The BOTO (Barack Obama’s Terrorist Org.)

Starting after Jan. 1, 2015 we are going to examine the ways this administration supports and encourages terrorist. Both foreign and domestic.

A look at the damage done against our allies as well within the United States. Lord willing if I don’t get arrested or just out right disappear. We can stir enough interest to stop the BOTO.

I ask for prayers, wisdom along with the courage and strength for blessed and right action. Be not afraid!

                                                             Thank You Don


3 thoughts on “The BOTO (Barack Obama’s Terrorist Org.)

  1. The Peaceful Protester and The Peaceful Muslim (pass it on)

    You don’t have to read long or listen/watch the news before one can read or hear the babbling about the “peaceful” Muslim or Palestinians. These “peaceful” members have become irrelevant when it comes to acts of terror.
    Just as the “peaceful” Germans became irrelevant under Hitler’s mass murder of Christians as well as the Jews by the millions they did nothing. The “peaceful” became irrelevant in China when millions of their own was wiped out. The same in Cambodia in the killing fields, the peaceful were irrelevant. Across the U.S. the “peaceful” protester became irrelevant when the burning, looting and killing of the police started. The “peaceful” Muslim became irrelevant when the chopping off of heads, splitting women in half and machine gunning of unarmed men women and children. Because they do not renounce Christian faith and turn Muslim. The “peaceful” Palestinian becomes irrelevant when they allow thousands of rockets on schools and unarmed civilians. Last but not least by any means. ANYONE of these “peaceful” people does not take a stand and or pick up arms to stop this Satanic Evil. That is when that person becomes IRRELEVANT to the human race………… Visit Constitution Defenders at and leave your prospective.

  2. The Terrorists Among Us

    Thanks Don. I think your right, and here’s why. There are over 160 officially designated terrorist organizations that are recognized by the U.S. and can be found on Wikipedia and on the State Departments website. These organizations are considered very dangerous and insidious. Noteworthy violence can be attributed to ISIL, and Boko Haram in particular, but they all are violent and don’t give a rats ass who they inflict pain, suffering, and death upon. With this in mind we must remember that not all terrorist organizations are listed because not all are known. Not one of the listed organizations is listed as being from the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Not even one cartel?

    We have to ask ourselves. Since illegal immigrants easily breach our southern border by the thousands monthly can terrorists breach our borders too? If they can then why don’t we have more zeal in trying to stop illegal alien traffic? If we can stop this illegal alien traffic, what do we do with the Illegal aliens that may have a terrorist motive?

    It is estimated that the U.S. has somewhere between 12 and 30 million illegal aliens in our country. If only 1/10th of 1% of those were terrorists, or terrorist-minded it would amount to 30,000 potential terrorists living in the U.S.

    The president has spent $18 billion for the U.S. Border Patrol since he has been in office. More than all other law enforcement organizations combined. This is all to combat illegal entry into our southern border. Why would he consistently pass “Executive Orders” to allow those already here to stay, get drivers licenses, and get federal aid? Since 2008 he has generated 480,000 regulations to take away the U.S. citizen’s rights, but cannot successfully stop illegal immigration. He consistently refuses to pass legislature to combat the problem, and then uses his executive privilege to make his own laws allowing them into our country. Are these the actions of a President trying to stop the traffic of illegal aliens? Not hardly! Is this highly irregular and suspicious? You can bet your ass on it!

    I think he has put out an $18 billion dollar smoke screen. I think he has no intention of apprehending these potential terrorists, or discovering their whereabouts. I think he needs a nation-wide martial law declared so he can stay in office and be a dictator, monarch, emperor, or “president for life” (as the communist like to call it). With these potential terrorists already here he has his potential war,… ready-made. And now we are seeing the African- American community killing our police. This action will bolster new and more violent action from the feds’ to quell the violence through federal police empowerment. How convenient. How coincidental. How dictatorial. Oh, but that’s the plan, that’s right.

    Happy New Year,… Boats

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