Mind Numbing Stupidity

  It has been sometime that this site has been active. I am hoping everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. As well as a great start on this New Year.

As for myself I have been in near coma from disbelief of the events that has happened with this administration. The continued lack of action and full sell out of our newly elected House and Senate. We voted them into office to stop the run away government. With the promise of doing the peoples will. Protect the country and citizens.  Using the Constitution and existing federal laws.

Then really started running a full range of emotion. Starting with chuckles, laughing to utter shock and disbelief. Thinking, can these people / voters really be that ignorant? Many are “college educated” and call them selves “well inform”. So they can’t really be that stupid. Hopelessness and despair was not far away it seemed.

So I thought I’d share this and maybe someone can enlighten me.  If you can PLEASE do.

You will understand by seeing for yourself if you enjoy a good laugh.

There is a man on youtube that has been going to the man / woman on the street. The first I wish to send you to is youtube/Mark Dice.com

Two out of several I have seen. 1) He had a (fake) petition Asking President Obama to repeal the Bill of Rights.!! They was signing it one after the other. Sad that there was a mix in the age of adults. #2) He was asking what country Mount Rushmore was in. Many had NO idea. He asked one young man being that Mount Rushmore has been invaded, did he think the U.S. should send troops. The young man that looked to be maybe in his 20’s. Said “No.. our U.S. troops are already spread too thin”.  All of these are either voters or at least voting age.

Then there is also a new one from Jimmy Kimmel. He to was doing the man / women on the street with some young voting age men and women.

He asked did they think it was great that North Korea never gave up one making their Hydrogen Bomb a dream come true. Its is some of the best pep talks and congratulations you would ever want to hear. One went as far as to high five and congrats to North Korea on their Hydrogen Bomb.  sighhhhhh really?

Where the hell did we fail so badly? Education? Run away progressive socialist media? How do we correct it?

They may be wacko moonbats. But they get up and get out going door to door carrying their infectious ignorance. I can’t help but wonder how we have gotten so lazy that we do not bring facts and light. These days are darker then we might want to believe. Just that together we can be the light if we start within our own home. Not forcing issues just present facts.

Hope to hear from you. Let us know. You can send direct to spankndon@tarfeathers.com (name given to me by a local radio personality.. Thank You J. A.)

Always remember all is never hopeless. God does his best work when we can not. Just need to be there for him to use.


One thought on “Mind Numbing Stupidity

  1. It’s good we discuss these idiotic events, and our governmental morons. Sometimes I think they are just functionaries for the elite rich. The elite tell them what to do and they knock each other down trying to make sure what they want done is carried out. These right and left wing “nut-jobs” absolutely don’t care one bit about the American people’s philosophy, values, or ideals. They are too busy building the bomb shelters for their families instead of preventing all-out war. They sell out the American people for the ideology of the UN, the Agenda 21, and the America 2050 project. They are creating the atmosphere for all the UN’s plans to take place with the promise that their own families will be protected. They stink of cowardice. This is also the reason they are bound, and determined to take away the second amendment of our great constitution. Without guns we are lambs being led to the slaughter. Just ask Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao Zedong. The citizen’s guns got in the way of those tyrants plans too. When they took away their guns they were able and willing to kill millions of their own people to achieve their agendas.
    Our youth are completely brainwashed and indoctrinated into the UN philosophy as well. I have absolutely no faith in our youth. Their parents are idiots, and they nurtured idiots as well. This is proven out by the “man on the street” interviews and petitions. We are living in sad times for sure Spankndon. The only consolation I get from all this is that those same youth will most likely be the first to go because tyrannical regimes don’t want drug addicts and morons in their fold.


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