The REAL Racism In St. Louis

Besides a fire about two and a half feet tall, the thing that burns my ass up is racial marginalization, and racial favoritism. I’m as white as a snowflake and feel as though every person of any other color considers me a “racist”, or “racially prejudice” toward them. No matter how bad or vile they talk to me, treat me, or whatever laws they want to break, I’m the bad guy. Because of their powerlessness of ethnicity somehow I am ultimately responsible for their predicament of ethnicity. I began feeling this treatment in 1982 and it’s only gotten more intense toward me as the years drift by.

Last night an armed thug tried to shoot an off-duty police officer moonlighting as an armed security guard. The assailant was 18, black and was ultimately shot and killed by the security guard (police officer). Shortly afterward an outcry from the “black propaganda” machine in St. Louis painted an outlandish picture of a hapless teen being gunned down for no good reason by a white cop.

I’m going to clue you dumbasses in. I’m tired of my race being the scapegoat for your lazy, drug-addicted, can’t-find-a-job, freeloading, loudmouthed, rights-abusing, card-carrying, pimping, bully-assed RACISM! You are the racists, and most intelligent individuals know this as a fact. You marginalize yourselves with the abusive rhetoric you slop at the other races.  Two times groups representing themselves as concerned protestors for the black communities in St. Louis have chanted “Who do we want?” “Darren Wilson.” “How do we want him?” “Dead.” If a white group said that sort of thing they would arrest them. Oh, that’s right, they did. They were the KKK, and they were arrested in Georgia for the very same thing. Who do you a%#holes think you are? I’ll help you with this answer. You are the black KKK (Black Panthers). I’ve been interracially married for 33 years and my entire family is sickened by your inflamed, racist agenda. I didn’t think it was physically possible to suck and blow simultaneously but it is with you because you are “true racists” hiding behind your minority status. You will marginalize yourselves and your race right out of validity. Here’s your last clue. The document states “We the people…” not “Me the people”. Peace, out.

2 thoughts on “The REAL Racism In St. Louis

  1. I care, as I am sick of the bs this country is turning into. As you say, the (p)resident is the worst of all, and needs to be removed. Let’s hope this happens before this country goes to total sh*t, and there is something left for those of us that actually care strongly about our freedoms and rights. I am also fed up with the “oh poor me” attitude of all the whiners in our country who can’t find a job and like sucking those of us who actually work, dry!
    I care!

  2. Boats there is so much truth to what you have stated. And I can read the emotion and frustration in your statement. I do understand that when I see out of town groups with the Black Panthers and other Chaos organizers gathering. Along with the media local and national throwing spins and demands against the legal system.
    There was a report a day or so ago about police busting out a window on a passenger side of a car. The video showed the (black) man screaming as the glass came in on him. Being dragged out a cuffed by officers. Of course there was the usual racist out cry.
    In that same video taken from inside the car it showed the officers repeatedly telling the man to get out of the car. To unlock the door but the (black) man refused. Thus came the breaking out of the window. Failure to comply will get you arrested I don’t care what race you are.
    The rioters are not for the most part the majority of the black race. So many jumping on that band wagon of demanding mob justice. Wanting what they want NOW. Always being the victim.
    If you live in a city of lets say 60,000 people total and 40,000 are black. Just by numbers alone the odd are higher that the person being stopped will be black. Several of the smaller police departments in the St. Louis metro area have more black officers than white. So where is the racist there? St. Louis City by district if checked is fairly even if not leaning more towards black officers.
    Of all the most disgusting supporters of all the riots is the (p)resident of all of us in the United States. He and his mobsters are feeding and breeding chaos. In stead of calling for letting the legal system work. With his pen in hand he pay’s no attention to the legal system. Other than how to get the propaganda media to spin it in his favor.
    Our nation is bleeding to death. And few seem to care.

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