Still At Work

Seems I have taken on a project that is like pumping the ocean dry with a tea cup.

Each time I start on the article connecting the dots between Obama and the Muslim  Brotherhood and other terrorist, foreign and domestic.  Any and all evidence circumstantial or solid to his link. From day one his conspiring to overthrow and or destroy the U.S. from within. Getting close to a good start from the present back to the past is impossible.

A lot like the web site Obama Lies By The Numbers. Great site. Even they can not keep up with his daily lies, deceptions, twist of facts and history.

As with many other sites that lose track,or can not keep up with this madman. To bring them up is easy, read them then remember how many more scandals, Federal Laws Broke, Constitution Laws Broke, Act’s of Treason all by Obama. Type his name at the head of any of these topics hit search. There will be any number article’s on a daily basis.

As for here on this site it will be complete up to date as best we can do. Starting at before America was highjacked by this thug and his goon’s.

If any out there have reminders by all means feel free to send. I hope to hear from you. God willing we can open American’s eyes.


One thought on “Still At Work

  1. Thanks Don for the re-boot. So, here goes. It’s OK for Obama to blast the ideology and faith of Christians, and compare them to “gun-toting” terrorists, but for him to correctly identify the ISIS threat as “Islamist Extremism” is tantamount to Obama using the “N” word to describe his Attorney General. It just won’t happen. I have never heard him mention a single sympathetic or compelling word about the wholesale murder and destruction of Christians in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia. I now realize why. He is a Muslim, and therefore condones, and even promotes Islamic extremism through his own muteness on the subject. He radically promotes his own agenda of tax the masses, give to other countries, badmouth the USA through apologetic ass-kissing, and instigation of racial tensions throughout the country.

    Obama has, for over six years now, used his power of executive office to radically change our laws and society to better conform to the youth and minority view of a “progressive society” based on the anti-colonialist-communist precept. From the tax laws that don’t apply to all equally, to the “Affordable Healthcare Act” debacle forced on our good citizens by Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats. And still it’s not enough for “them”! They want illegal aliens to have the right to vote, drive, etc., etc. because they know that by doing so they will almost certainly maintain their power.

    What needs to happen is the entire working class needs to stop feeding the monkey with tax dollars. Starve them out of office. Refuse to pay them. Remove the money and we remove them. Let them get their money from the ones they give it to (oh, wait a minute… that’s impossible). Those working in unions should refuse to vote for Democrats, and oppose the union bosses with “giveaway-liberal” agendas. The bottom line is this: Our citizen’s need to grow a pair of balls or be destroyed from within. America fix yourself or die.

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