Protests, Socialism, and HillBillary!

All the protests we see now, since the election of our president-elect Trump. All the asinine comments they have about global warming and dying in the streets is the most infantile, childish, immoral, and spoiled behavior I have ever witnessed in my entire life! My all-time favorite was the statement they resounded that the Electoral College must “change their votes”. Not only are they childish and infantile, but they are absolutely, unequivocally, the stupidest mass group of protestors as well! Hey, morons, the electoral college CAN NOT CHANGE THEIR VOTES AFTER THE ELECTION!! I am glad you morons did not get your way because your not intelligent enough to lead the rest of us. Your mostly just a bunch of spoiled paid activists. When your old enough to raise your own family you’ll find that you were uninformed morons by thinking that way. The ones that always project that way of thinking, do it because they’re getting rich from the morons they get to follow them! Everyone else is trying to work to support their families. The ones protesting now are the selectively unemployed. Here is a link to a YouTube Video that was a remarkable prophecy for it’s time in the 1950s. I call it the “ISM” video

My own sister wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders and professes to be a Socialist. She used to always tout the fact of her Catholicism to me and my wife (but voting for an abortion proponent was Okay as long as it was a socialist, liberal, union lover). My statement to her is give 75% of your assets to the government to redistribute because you can live comfortably on the remaining 25%. What,… you don’t feel that strongly about it? She works for a union (which is exempt from the ACA so she pays nothing for health care) She absolutely hates trump and was shocked that I voted for him. I voted for him because he is what we need! I don’t work for a union, and health insurance where I work at costs about $9600 a year (it costs this much because WE are paying for the uninsured, and minimum wage employees to get free health insurance). Maybe if she had to live like the rest of the non-union U.S. she would have a different attitude about it.

Our country is so sick it needs an emergency room to heal it,… Donald Trump is that emergency room. Donald Trump is that doctor. Donald Trump is the one to decide where to apply the first of many surgical procedures necessary to bring about the improved health of our nation. If a person wants to smoke pot and work then, most of the time, that person gets a minimum wage job that doesn’t perform urinalysis on them like a real job. That same person wants free health insurance and all the free benefits of the person that makes twice as much and contributes more to our society than a fu**king hamburger. My answer is this; Put the dope down, clean yourself up, and get a real, higher paying job. Leave the minimum wage job for the High School students (like it should be) to learn how to be a responsible employee.

The thing that gets me the most is that when Obama won in 2008, and again in 2012 they attacked us for having very minor protests, they called us Bible reading, gun toting right wing fanatics. They called us deplorable, they killed our police officers, and they sold government secrets to the highest bidder. They outright hijacked our countries election process, and forced the Affordable Care Act down our throats without even reading it. The Democratic Party are nothing less than traitorous enemies of the state. They have not helped the disenfranchised minorities ever, no, they give just enough promises to them to get their votes and then leave them wanting real substance instead of promise. Now those same disenfranchised thugs are calling for the rape of Melania Trump, and the killing of Donald Trump. How dare you! Your life will not be worth two cents you idiots! Hashtags are easy to trace! You people put so much drugs and chemicals in your bodies you can’t even think right anymore. The government should sterilize you so you can’t pass on the genetic devoid idiocy that is you! Your beyond my pity.

The Grim Reaper’s Coming to Town Baby, and the Blade is Coming down fast,… you should get out of the street, and get the hell out of our way. You all are a bunch of lying, lazy, racist, self-righteous, greedy, immoral, freedom hating, socialist liberals! You are willing to sell your own nation to get your spoiled way. Most of you have not put your life on the line for your nation, and that’s why your candidate lost the race,… because you have never made a sacrifice for your nation or freedom. You literally HATE our nation, and with so many young men and women returning from embattled  countries to see what you have been doing to our nation THEY voted against you, not with you. You should pray they will be more tolerant with you than you were with them because they know how to fight and defend their beliefs, and here’s a newsflash for you,… their armed and trained!

The last thing I want to say is this; Obama used his pen to pass many laws so he could by-pass our legislative process. I’m hoping President Trump will do the same to crush those same Executive Orders Obama endorsed into law. My very real advice to all you protesters is this; Shut up, crawl into your hole, and pray to your human gods in the left-wing world that the Trump administration doesn’t squash you all with the stroke of a pen, or that he is kind enough to spare you and (like my drill instructor used to say) “fix your minds to get right thinking”.



Our Second Amendment Rights



“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As Thomas Jefferson once said: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

Recently the Obama administration changed the HIPPA laws so the government can have access to all healthcare data of patients. This was signed by executive order. A few days ago he again signed an executive order eliminating M855/SS109 AR-15 ammunition because it was considered “AP (armor piercing)”. This ammunition has been legal for over 3 decades. Why is it dangerous now? Here’s why. Because his paramilitary police are afraid that the people could defend against a tyrannical move by the government trying to overpower the free people.

Our second amendment rights do not have anything to do with sporting, hunting, or plinking cans. It was never worded in such a way as to give that impression either. The second amendment was authored by our for-fathers to protect us from a tyrannical government. Democrats and liberals of all persuasion endeavor to remove the guns from all citizens’ of our United States because they will hold ALL the power and can remove any of us they don’t like and make us do what they want. It was the first step in the grand design of such infamous people such as Stalin, Hitler, and Chairman Mao to name just a few. The main purpose of our Constitution is to LIMIT THE POWER OF OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and NOT THE PEOPLE. A militia is a paramilitary group of armed citizen’s organized without the approval of government for the purpose of maintaining the true “Spirit of the Word” of the Constitution. It was contemplated at length by our for-fathers and strategically implemented into our Bill of Rights. Without the Second Amendment none of our other rights can be guaranteed.

Obama’s plan of tyranny is this:

  1. Ensure that anyone that needs to have outpatient, or inpatient addiction or mental treatment gets it. By using mass slayings and drug crimes as the catalyst.
  2. Ensure laws are subversively written to make healthcare mandatory, and under government control. By enacting the AHCA (Affordable Health Care Act).
  3. Change the HIPPA laws so the government has complete access to all patient health records. By enforcing it with our astronomically huge tax code.
  4. Remove all guns from anyone found requiring treatment for mental disorders. By using the NSA and other surveillance tactics to mine the health care data.
  5. Establish a Socialistic Reform Plan in the U.S. and quell any resistance to the plan using paramilitary police units. By calling it wealth redistribution and Class Equalization.

Liberals and Democrats embrace the progressiveness of this plan, and socialists have a victory party because they’ve won. The absolute ignorance of our youth coupled with the liberal-minded passiveness of our educational system is off the charts and teaches this big-brother philosophy. I feel sorry for them and can foresee their death and destruction by their own inactions. Too bad they’ve been duped by the educational establishment’s sociological promise of “Utopia”. Dumbasses one and all.

I see it plain as daylight,… can’t anyone else?

This just in today (3/10/2015): The ATF has shelved the proposed ban on M855/SS109 ammo. Thank you to the 52 Senators and 238 House members joining in opposition to the Obama proposed ban on the ammo. A special thanks goes out to Rand Paul on this matter for successfully pushing for voter involvement. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., started the petition. “This attack on the Second Amendment is wrong and should be overturned, and a clear, sizeable majority of the House agrees.”



Dignified Veteran Care

veterans1Since immediately after the United States Civil War the healthcare for military veterans was established. It started by administering to the medical needs of all military veterans in “veterans homes” throughout the country. It carried through until after WWI. In 1930 the Veterans Administration was founded to consolidate and care for the medical, pension, and various rehabilitation project benefits that our veterans were guaranteed by congress. Near the end of WWII the veteran population from WWII was 14,000,000 and the aging WWI veteran population was 4,000,000. This is when the first bottlenecks in medical care for our veterans were noticed. In response President Roosevelt, and later President Truman decentralized the VA hospitals and care facilities from 54 hospitals to 171 and over 700 outpatient facilities throughout the country.

The Department of Veterans Affairs was established by President Reagan in 1988 because the veteran population was approximately one third of the U.S. population and needed an administrator who had direct access to the President. In 1995 President Clinton initiated reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs. In this major reform period from mid-1995 until 2000, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) implemented universal primary care. They closed 55% of their acute care hospital beds, but increased patients treated by 24%. They had a 48% increase in ambulatory care visits, and they decreased staffing by 12%. Of serious concern the VHA had 10,000 fewer employees in 2000 than in 1995, but yet they had a 104% increase in patients treated since 1995. Somehow they managed to maintain the same cost per patient-day, while all other facilities’ costs had risen over 30% to 40% during the same period. It seems saving money was the goal, and not helping our veterans. But that is to be expected from a draft-dodger president, right.

The VA and VHA were left to decay from within after President Clinton’s devastating reforms. From 2000 until the present 2014 the VHA has become greatly burdened by bottlenecks, inadequate care, and even libelous care where patients have died or contracted HIV, hepatitis “C”, or worse. Even more alarming is the fraudulent act of hiding data and findings needed to assess the efficiency of the VHA. The director of the VA (a 4 star retired Army General and Vietnam vet) has now resigned, and stories are breaking about outlandish office furniture purchases amounting to a half billion dollars and more. It seems like the VA is a “good ole boys” group staffed by those never knowing the military life personally.

I’m a Desert Storm war veteran, and served my country on active duty for 20 years until 1998. I’ve seen veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD, brain injuries, amputations, and a host of emotional and mental disorders. Not one of them ever said to me that the VA/VHA treated them well. In fact, they all stated that the VA/VHA treated them indifferently and did not have time to see them. They told me the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) was all about giving them prescriptions. Prescriptions like anti-anxiety, anti-depression, anti-sleep deprivation, and narcotic pain medications. True physical, and mental  rehabilitation not requiring drugs was seldom noted. As a result I have witnessed the aftermath of their reform policies. Some committed suicides, and others became alcoholic or opiate addicted. It seems their objective is to get the veteran out of their office as soon as possible with drugs that keep the veteran numb. What the VHA is doing is a travesty. It is undignified, disrespectful and dishonorable to our veterans, especially our war veterans. The VHA hides their practices by “cooking the books”, and explaining away their “standard operating procedures” as part of the “new reform” rules.

The VA needs serious, quality direction at the top and throughout their sub-level administrations. They should be staffed by ex-military and military family members that know the military life from a personal point of view. The VHA needs an antiseptic enema in the worst possible way. Care of our veteran population starts with the care-giver. I watched a friend of mine dying in a VA hospital bed at John Cochran VA Hospital in St. Louis, MO get treated by the nurse as though it was a major burden to stop talking to her boy-friend in the hall and aid my friend. When she finally did help him with his catheter she left his robe up for all to see his manhood and left his door wide open allowing passersby to see his personal business. She should have been fired but she probably got a “Clinton Reform” bonus. His bathroom was filthy, and the staff were all half-assed jokers, laughing with each other and carrying on. It was sickening to see my friend dying like that. It was “undignified, disrespectful and dishonorable” to my friend. I desperately want to see positive change in the care and facilities that care for our “vet’s”. I want to see most of the VA, and VHA liberal administration fired because most of them never spent a day in the military and have no clue about true honor and respect. This kind of serious change begins with us “veteran-voters”. Our vote counts because we exceed over 44% of our population. Get out and vote. Show them we mean business!