Is the First Amendment Really For Everyone?

We like to think it is. No one wants to appear to be prejudiced or oppressive. But, we still want to take away the rights of anyone who does not think or believe as we do. It’s one of those instances where we are all guilty at some point and to some degree. No one is blameless on this. Some of us just choose to not acknowledge our fault.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Constitution of the United States of America

If you truly believe what that Amendment says, then why do we have all this intolerance of other people’s opinions? Now, I’m not here to debate SCOTUS cases and precedents. I’m talking about personal liberties that too often, people demand for themselves, but yet deny the next person in line; for no other reason than a difference of opinion. I was raised on the idea of: “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Too often we write opposing ideas as idiotic, stupid, unfounded, or conspiracy theories simply because we don’t agree with the content of the thoughts that surround them.

How can you stand to listen to someone speak who’s words make you see red and your blood boil?

The truth is, a lot of times I don’t. If I cannot advocate an idea or notion, I tune it out and leave those who think that way to themselves. If it is something that is extremely well thought out and has solid factual backing I will listen to it, and then, either incorporate it into my way of thinking or reject it. With all the civil unrest and protests that have gone on in the last 5 years or so, I have yet to have anyone give me a solid, concrete argument. Civil outrage and the reactionary or revolutionary agendas (extreme left or right), which is all we’ve experienced, are not reason enough to change my way of thinking.

So folks, here is a challenge for you. Let everyone have their own opinion and their right to free speech. And for all the millennials out there, you don’t HAVE the right to anything, you’ve be GIVEN rights, and those rights were purchased with the blood of patriots!


Gun Violence, The Media, and White Privilege

With all the media coverage surrounding recent shootings involving schools and the latest call to stricter gun laws, I am appalled at the level of attention that has been given to these shootings. These are tragedies, each and every one. I applaud the students in Florida for taking action and making their voices heard. The hypocrisy of the media is inexcusable.

First of all, the media has given far more attention to these tragedies than they do any other gun related homicide. The only gun violence stories you will see on the national news networks are stories that involve shock value. Local and regional news even leave something to be desired in this area. News services and news channels decide what stories are “newsworthy” or not.

Now for the harsh reality of this situation. This is just another case of white privilege in action and media hypocrisy. We wait until this problem hits white suburbia. Children of inner cities and other non white neighborhoods have been deemed collateral damage of gun violence for too long. They are victims just like these white kids that are now crying, “Enough!” Accept the voices of these slain children will not be heard. The media counts them as gang combatants “offing” each other. When a non-white child is killed because they get caught in the line of fire in a shooting, the media gives a body count for the incident and it’s on to the next story. These children, that are murdered have no voice, no one tells their stories, and frankly the media doesn’t care! These victims of gun violence bleed just as red as those slain at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. However, the government will not hear their stories, and the media will not tell the stories of these fallen who avoid trouble, work hard in school, and of their other successes. These victims will be laid to rest and conveniently forgotten by everyone except for those that knew and loved them.


Who Is This “Q Anon”

On “8-Chan” there is an awakening happening that I have known of for several months now. These three links will help you understand what exactly is happening:




The first link is the actual Q Anon postings, the second one is the complete historical account of all the Q Anon postings, and the third link is one of dozens of “Anon Bakers” that take all the breadcrumbs Q drops, and bakes the deciphered narrative of the story. I know what you’re thinking… “This is all opium pipe dreams, right?” Wrong. The information this Q person is sharing can only be known to very few, very patriotic, high echelon (the highest level) operatives and patriots. The name Q means top “Q” clearance (the highest clearance possible, other than the POTUS, or VPOTUS). Some people think this Q is the POTUS, or VPOTUS, but recent events have proven that to be incorrect. When a news reporter was caught with a concealed pistol in Mar-A-Lago in the news truck Q knew about it, and warned that the POTUS would be attacked two days before. He later explained that the Q “Team” helped diffuse the event, and prevent it from happening. He knew about the secret trip to the Forbidden City that Kim Jung Un made to meet with the head of China two weeks before it made the news. There are many, many more examples that can be made but I’m limiting this post.

The POTUS recently stated to the press that this was the “calm before the storm”. When asked by CNN what storm? He stated in a very serious manner “you’ll see”. Q also stated that the storm  has begun, and that the public would only be allowed to be informed of about 60% of the dark corruption that is taking place because if we knew everything it would tear the very fabric of our society apart. This Q has hinted that their patriot group has videos of the recent previous US presidents, members of Congress, Foreign Dignitaries and Leaders, and many Corporate Executives performing child rape, murder, human trafficking, satanic sacrificial killings, adrenochrome harvesting, and even human hunting on private secluded lands owned by the elite. Additionally, Q states that they all know we have all the proof and evidence, and that there is nothing the perpetrators can do to stop the reckoning train! Coincidentally, when Q dropped all these breadcrumbs thousands of resignations from around the world took place, and many high ranking and influential people have been arrested, or have turned up missing. None of this has been in the Main Stream Media,… why? Think about recent resignations since Jan/2018. I have the entire list for the last seven months. The last two months are unprecedented compared to the months previous to Feb. The storm is here, and I believe we are seeing a reckoning!  The deep state is be reckoned with! View the three lists here, or register as a subscriber and download the entire spreadsheet file.