Remembering How and Why

It has been a month since I have posted my own site.  I want to say it was writers block. But I am not a writer. I have from time to time disconnect from the madness. Almost throwing up my hands and give the ole F-it or whats the use. It seems unbelievable how fast the destruction of our great nations is happening before our eyes. Nobody seems to see, care or are so detached by choice or ignorance.

Then remembering why I am doing this. To inform and expose those actively involved with the treasonous destruction of the United States. While being smoke screened by the propaganda media’s. Their silent yet hostile take over of every aspect of our government. More shell games, smoke and mirrors that any carny. Deflecting from one issue or scandal long before it can be investigated much less justice being served. Go back as far as the campaign of Barrak Hussein O’Bama. Just a starting highlight all his history sealed by a federal judge. Only reason anyone could have gotten away with this, is we was sold off like a second hand suit. Blind sided by Progressive’s of both the Democrat and Republican parties.

How do we reverse this? The very first home page before it got wiped out. Stated we should and will start with prayer first and foremost. This I believe is the life’s blood of our existence.

2 thoughts on “Remembering How and Why

  1. I’m onboard with you Cb4life. The “buzz” where I work and at other places is that the conservatives are going to take things back starting this election. Even the moderate progressives don’t want to loose their ass(ets). They see what ultra-progressivism does to those that work for their living and they are stepping back a little. Dr. Bob Onder (who is running for Missouri State Senate as a Republican) stopped by my house yesterday and we talked a little about faith, morals and the Constitution. I consider him a “constitutional conservative” because he believes the power of prayer, faith, and the constitution can put us back on track. If we want our country back we have to take it back. We do not have time to let progressives confuse us with empty promises of cooperation from them and what they call “open debate and dialog”. They have no interest in open dialog or fair debate. They use it to shut us down and further their agenda of progressivism. We need to hide our aces and kings until the liberals are powerless to discredit them with their lies. Then we lay the cards out at the right time and the evidence can’t be refuted without them looking like liars. That will put them on the defense, and consequently in a state of confusion as they try to pull it all together.

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