Presidential “Executive Order” Abuse

Isn’t it very strange how Obama skirts the constitutional right of the U.S. Congress and Senate to deny funding or proposals by the wholesale abuse of his office using “Executive Order”! What arrogance this man has! Does he actually think people will do what he “DICTATES”! We are not a dictatorship, a form of socialism, a form of communism, or a democracy. No, we are a “REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC”! For the uneducated this means that the majority voters do not always win, but the representatives of each state determine our fate based on their principals as determined by their constituency. Our forefathers authored the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights this way because they were, among other things, historians. They read the great works of the ancient philosophers, and the warnings to others about how a republic could fall through the abuse of power by the elected, and the appeasement of those who oppose to the free will of the whole. Obama continues to appease the minority with programs of promised wealth redistribution, social programs for those that will not work to live,  and a government so huge that not even the most brilliant minds in our Congress can determine where all our tax dollars are spent! We need a president that has the grit and fortitude to do the right thing and foremost demonstrate to other countries that the United States of America will stand as one, and express ourselves as a nation that will lay waste to those that would seek to imperil us in any way.

One thought on “Presidential “Executive Order” Abuse

  1. So right Boats,
    We must put people in office that will uphold the U.S. Constitution as they all take the Oath of Office to do. This wouldn’t be so hard to do if and when a couple of problems are met with solutions.
    Most American’s have no idea what is going on at all. There is so much censorship in every form of media. They report out right lies though the main stream or block or scrub the internet. So how do we get around this? There is a solution that will take a lot of hands on work.
    Perhaps the saddest fact of all, I will go as far as to say the majority of American’s don’t care if its not at their door. Not into their pockets enough (Obamacare is quickly changing that) on a personal basis..yet. For them to want to get involved to turn the tide.
    We will be opening this site up more to a news base for public perspectives and solutions. Then maybe organize groups to do real time foot work. Pray we don’t wait until it is to late to turn the tide of Treasonous Tyrants from America’s total destruction of our Liberty and Freedoms

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