I’m A MOTR Head

conservative-creditsA person, an ultra-progressive liberal I don’t particularly care for named Lester once told me that I could not be “middle-of-the-road” minded (able to see both liberal and conservative truths) when it comes to politics. I had to be either conservative, or liberal in my opinions and beliefs. That it was impossible to see both sides of the equation. This man has a BS in psychology and sometimes tries (successfully) to get in my head. I stated my beliefs to him once and he said I was full of crap. We nearly went to blows over this. He was completely incapable of seeing anything except his progressive ideology. Every book he ever wanted me to read was written by a liberal progressive. His college text books were also written by liberals. This divorced man owns no conservative literature or writings of any kind that I know of. He, in fact, is frightened of the conservative idea. This fear manifests itself so bad with him that he seems to think he can catch an ideological disease of some sort from listening to or reading conservative thought. He is so stubborn that he is an ideological dead weight to truly open minded problem solvers. He might achieve a balanced ideological equation if he entertained some conservative thought.

I’m what I like to call a common-sense, middle-of-the-road conservative with educated views about progressivism and also conservatism. I sometimes listen to conservative radio shows. The talk show hosts nearly always eventually become pompous, or contradict previously stated opinions revealing their servitude to their employer (advertising). This allows me to see who he or she really is. I also listen to liberal media and liken them to cart horses with horse blinders on. They are ready and willing to pull the cart that is hitched to them as long as they get a feedbag of oats slapped on them occasionally.

Me, I’m a straight shooter, and I don’t compromise my core-principals to anyone. I served 20 years in the service of my country. I took-in college over 20 years and never was once less than a 3.8 GPA. I don’t have a degree, know how many credits I have, or care, but I have received education in electronics, computer science, history, mathematics, engineering, literature, foreign studies, and military strategy. I’ve been a painter, radiation worker, crane operator, sea-going sailor, explosives worker, journeyman rigger, and supervisor. I’ve spent substantial time (11 years) in over 14 East and West Asian countries. I’ve endured war, and also embraced humanitarian service to others less fortunate than I. I’m a Spiritual being and have faith in a Supreme Benevolent Trinity I call God. I am interracially married to the same beautiful woman for over 31 years, and these are my core (middle-of-the-road) ideologies:

I believe in protecting my own with deadly weapons like guns because when seconds count – police are only minutes away. My God’s okay with me protecting my family and self by killing (but not murdering).

I believe one should prove they can vote with a photo I.D. because a photo I.D. is also required to get government aid and nobody seems to have a problem with having one for that.

I believe the parents of children should teach them about their God, and give them their moral compass. Reading, writing, mathematics, the sciences, unbiased literature, and unbiased history are what our education system should concentrate on. Teachers are educators, not social workers. They should stick to educating or find other work.

I believe everyone should serve at least two years in the military or Peace Corps. We call it “service” for a reason and this kind of service cultivates ones character in the formative years of adulthood.

I believe a person can marry any person they choose but they fall under the same rules as the rest of us, no special treatment. Their financial liabilities should be the same weather divorced or deceased. I don’t believe in special interest groups or lobbyists.

I don’t believe in being the world police and I believe we should mind our own damn business. I don’t like people telling us what to do or how to live and we shouldn’t be telling them either. Most modern wars are fought over energy resources, I would exploit our own vast energy resources and screw what the other free-loading nations want or think about us. I would pursue energy science to the highest degree because not all natural resources are renewable.

I would restrict, and greatly limit the amount of foreign aid we give to our trusted allies. I would stop giving aid to foreign nations that are not our allies because they badmouth us, and have proven their unworthiness to receive it. Every country on this planet owes us for the many times we pulled their asses out of hell except China. Since china has manipulated the Chinese currencies in their favor for years putting us in the hole we should do the same to them to pay them off by charging them excessive amounts of gold (not treasury notes, or federal reserve notes) for the raw resources they need from us. At the same time we should nationalize all natural resources until our deficit is balanced to zero. This would be an incentive for the wealthy corporate natural resource market to get us back on track. Then only American entities should own natural resources here, not foreign entities.

My wife is an immigrant. It cost us in excess of $5,000 in 1982 (almost our annual wage) to complete the process. It was not cheap on our meager income but it was legal. Now she legally works, resides, and pays taxes into our system. Illegal immigrants pay nothing into our system yet legally take from it. This pisses my wife off. She said we should go to their homes and start living there, raiding their refrigerator, and eating their food regardless of whether they like it or not (cute, but not realistic). First enforce border control with deadly force, and then place current illegal immigrants in indentured servitude (road crews, and other much needed infrastructure services for minimum wage) until they have paid into the system for 10 years or more depending on whether they have dependents with them or not. Then they can be a citizen if they choose, or reside here in perpetuity with a permanent resident status and SSN. No free ride. Immigrants following the law would not have to do this. My great, great grandfather had to fight for the Union Army as an immigrant in order to be a citizen here. Again, we should give no free ride to illegal immigrants.

The president should never have “Executive Order” authority and be able to bypass our judicial and legislative branches of government. Congress and The Supreme Court are there for a reason. It’s so we do not end up with a monarchy, or dictator capable of plunging us into destruction. You want something? Ask for it politely and intelligently Mr. President. We’ll review it and get back to you.

Life begins at conception. I believe nobody has the right to end life except our Creator and Supreme Being with the one exception of self defense against an adult. We should be able to have our diapers changed when we’re young and when we’re old, and I look forward to it. If a woman aborts a baby then she should be held accountable. Not by us, but by her Creator. Our taxes should never pay for it because taxpayers may be morally opposed to it. I can’t help anyone if I’m too busy judging them so I believe we must promote the sanctity of child birth, adoption, and child raising through personal sacrifice if required.

I don’t believe in letting humans or other animals starve to death. I’ve seen it in other countries and it’s not pretty or humane. We should help our own impoverished first, then others where we can. In all cases we should “teach them how to fish” instead of just giving them a fish. We should not restrict charitable work with nonsensical laws posing as protections to the impoverished. Nothing wrong with food that is out-of-date but not spoiled. I occasionally eat it myself and I’ve never gotten sick from it.

Yes, Lester, I am “middle-of-the-road” (MOTR Head) minded when it comes to politics because, unlike you,  I’ve seen the real world in its good and bad detail, and we are rapidly becoming like them. I believe in the 9 principles of liberty and the 10 principles of conservatism. We are becoming a “One World Government” or “New World Order” if you will, and it’s not all good either. People request our aid, and flock to our borders because we are NOT like their countries. This has been going on since our independence in 1776. Last, but not least I’m a patriot in the highest degree, and I honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. I say “Semper Fortis” to all my brothers and sister veterans in or out of the service. What am I? I am 5th generation America, and there are a lot more like me. So to the ultra-liberal’s I’m giving them 10 “MOTR credits” and I say,… kiss my ass you little cupcakes. These credits can be used to pay someone to pull your self-centered head out of your ass!

One thought on “I’m A MOTR Head

  1. The Welfare and Future Of The United States Liberty and Constitution. Is The Duty Of Every Single American.

    With every report of the IRS scandal sudden loss of all email records. The EPA outrageous destructive regulation. With all the scandals from the sealing of Obama’s records, to this Treasonous illegal imagination outbreak, release of Taliban leaders arming Al Qaeda. And the list never seems to stop.
    The outrage of the total lack of action by congress to follow the Constitution its self. Or setting themselves above and beyond the Federal Laws of this nation. Becomes more insane everyday. Democrat or Republican these checks and balance’s were put in place to protect us from this type Tyrant Dictatorship. They themselves with their lack of aggressive action have became part of the problem.
    There is a simple plan of action suggested here. While no individual can file suit on the Federal Government. The States themselves can. With many state elections coming up, many offices up for grabs. We can pressure them to bring the Federal Government under control. Write hard copy letters, email, phone and organize protest. At each state capital that they can and will be replaced.
    Also at the same time sending those same protest often to each in D.C. . Sending often flooding them, forcing them into aggressive action against the lawlessness of this administration.
    The American Christian is being strangled here and every country around the world. This to needs to be addressed with strong fearless action. Do Not Lay Down, Do Not Surrender to be ran over by this evil over running our nation. You truly have a choice, ignore and suffer or stand returning to basic rights and laws.

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