What Is Obama’s Title?

The President of The United States?

That would mean being the  President of ALL people of the United States. Of every race, creed and religion.  In stead of dividing the nation by race more than anyone ever in the history of the country.  By special consideration of  race, creed and or religion of his choosing.  Has driven a wedge of hatred and resentment that will take many decades more to repair.

There are no special victims.  The only victims are the American citizen that has fell into the idea that class or race of any kind makes them exempt from the laws of the land.  The rich being able to buy representation to get them out of most anything.  Or getting delayed for their life time.  Doesn’t matter if your a Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General or President.  There is No such exemption to Justice.

If you as a “leader”  break the laws that are put in place for all Americans.  Your are a worse criminal than the average citizens.  Lower than those that feel they are justified to burn out stores, beat, kill and rob on the street.

(To those of you if any reading this does any of those things because life has done you wrong.  Get educated, cleaned up and learn to change the system by legal means. Its been done for hundreds of years)

To be President of the United States there is an oath to protect those laws, the Constitution and ALL people of the United States.  Within the direction of those laws set by the Constitution by the three (3) branch system of a government. To provide protection from a single person or group becoming a tyrant ruler/king/dictator.

So lets just take a few things that we have witnessed from Obama and his administration. Trying to bring to light some of the most resent actions. If interested there are many articles here at Tar & Feather Constitution Patriot.

Lets start with just a couple on the constitution.

Through executive order signed by (p)resident Obama to extend term limits to unlimited.  If ratified by congress there will be no stopping the madness. It wouldn’t be so worrisome if it wasn’t by the Progressive Liberals (both parties) wasn’t fighting for all they are worth to prevent voter ID’s. And the real records show the last election fraud was prevalent through out.

Another real worrisome executive order signed into law by the (p)resident and the 111th Democrat control congress.  Is the the federal government may now arrest anyone for Any reason.  Detain without due process indefinitely. Really??!

I am sure those who are honest reading what has been done by this administration to subvert the Federal Laws and Constitution.

Now lets review the “protection of the people”. Again there are so many case’s of failure here I feel there isn’t enough space. And makes for a lot of reading.

Right now our nation is under attack by invading force’s. (not talking about children,that’s another debate) We are being invaded by illegals by land, air and sea.  Hostile and possible hostile against the United States.  Al Qaeda training camps in the U.S. (confirmed by the FBI) . 6000 Syrian, and other middle east students disappear. All received visa’s by the Obama administration without back ground checks.  Several thousand Syrian’s by plane loads, given $10,000.00 cash each, turned lose with little trace.  ISIS is throughout the U.S. (again confirmed by FBI).  Their leaders declare war of the U.S. .  Killings and beheaded Americans. With action to manage ISIS.  This list can go on.

Lastly the attempt to destroy the 1st and 2nd amendments.  Through signing by himself and John Kerry the surrendering of U.S. sovereignty.  All to the United Nations.

So I will leave your title of this man and his administration to you.  For me I have a very strong view of my own.  And what the punishment was set into law for such practice.

Remember to vote to keep our Constitution strong. By vetting and voting for those who honor all of it..

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