Not Even A False Sense of Security

The best way I can think of to start this;

God grant US the serenity

To accept the things We cannot change

The courage to change the things We can

And the wisdom to know the difference

Never the lest Thy will be done

So much at first glance looks like some success towards the end of lawlessness and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution by Eric Holder and the DOJ.  A baby step, yet a step it seems. Maybe justice will be served for Fast & Furious, IRS and a number of other scandals.  Eric Holder and all of the Obama administration.  Taking the lead  with twisting or ignoring Constitution and Federal laws. We now have his resignation it seems.  Hope of prosecution and real justice.

Why do I feel like I’m a school boy whistling through the grave yard at midnight?  Maybe because this administration has never done anything above table with any kind of honor. Side stepping congress at every turn.  Trying to give away the sovereignty signing agreements of surrender to a foreign power… the United Nations.

Now here we are stepping into the middle of exactly what we have spoke of in the preceding articles.

The (p)resident made his appearance on ABC saying he had no intelligence report on the strength of what he calls ISIL.  He has it half right. Being he never knows anything about nothing, he lacks intelligence about keeping the U.S. safe.  The rest of the free world know them as ISIS.  When the pentagon told him 8 months ago of their strength,  intentions and actions of ISIS.  The other names Al Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban all sprung up from the oldest terrorist organization. That of whom this (p)resident has filled him every corner of his administration and military. The Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood started in 1928.  Made their manifesto of their conquest to destroy the U.S. in 1965.  Like a cross between ticks & termites working ever so deep and silent.  Paying hundreds of millions of dollars into colleges large and small throughout the  United States.  Pushing socialist progressive agenda throughout. To go into detail would take a lot of space. Suggest researching fully.

Something is deeply wrong with this so called destruction of ISIS by the (p)resident.  Going into Syria to do so. When the President of Syria has asked him to stop giving arms and support to Al Qaeda and… ISIS in his country.  Even Iran has protested Obama arming and giving comfort to ISIS because they are a threat to their control and power. Why?

The attack in the U.S. has been going on for sometime.  A man in Buffalo NY took the head off his wife that was trying to leave him in the early 2009.  Claimed his right of “honor”. The details of his trial is nowhere to be found.  Fort Hood attack and now Oklahoma beheading.  Denying  the facts of the cry of the terrorist is in fact the act of terrorist.

Who the hell is this we have placed the safety and future of the People of the United States in?  His administration pushing out, forcing out our trained service men and women. And offering enlistment to illegals from Syria and south of the border.  U.S. citizens being groped, going through shameful inspections by the TSA.  Yet thousands from Syria, Libya and Africa enter without question.

Everyday the American people move along.  Media would rather talk about what is wrong in a small suburb of Missouri.  Good I guess that the possible dangers can be buried in the mind.  Until another attack takes the lives of someone close to us. Then the demand for the warnings and answers afterwards. Educate our selves to have awareness. Not living in fear or paranoia but readiness. And keep your loved ones close, telling them you love them each time you part even shortly.

What can we do?  Push for traceable voter ID to stop voter fraud. Vote out each and every single one that does not follow the oath of office. Real justice for those in power that break those laws. Not full filling their jobs.  There are 300 bills in the senate not being allowed for a vote. Always keeping a strong defense.

Well touched on several areas.  The mind gets boggled for sure with all the underhanded dealings of this administration. … Pick a spot or topic. Let me hear from you.

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