Don’t Let The Name Scare You

  If this is your first visit to our site. Or have not visited our home page. The title in it self probably appears rather radical in nature. I would like to ease your minds somewhat if I can.

  Let me start by saying  this site does NOT encourage or condone the actual Tar & Feathering of anyone

We are Constitution Defenders.  And bring to light anyone of anyone foreign or domestic. That tries to pick it apart, destroy it or believe they are above it. From the top down and all in between.

The name is a reminder to those who should take heed. The American citizens are very capable of rising . Dealing with untouchable tyrants who once before out gunned and out numbered the common citizen. No threat of any kind mind you just a reminder.

Through the last few decades it seems that we have had more freedoms taken away for security. And as once said we will have none of either by doing so. Each administration is guilty.

Never before have we had a (p)resident and administration across the board. That is in your face, thumb their nose, slap and spit in the face of the American people. The Federal laws and the Constitution.

Need not take my word for it. Type in Number of Obama Sandals (20) Obama Lies by the Numbers (over 130) Federal Laws Broken by Obama /Administration (30)  Federal (liberal) Judge on Obama’s Social Security Number Fraud ” It doesn’t matter that the (p)resident broke the law” Dismissed it!

Every week it is something that is very questionable or out right, down right illegal and or Treasonous. By him or someone in the administration. Laughing at the you and me.

It takes more than a few web sites ,Talk Radio and TV to push and protect the Constitution and Freedom.  One voice is whisper, enough together becomes thunder.

So you tell me is this a life and death struggle of ourselves and our nation? If so, what are you going to do about it?


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