The Ferguson Crisis


I went to Walmart about 35 miles from Ferguson, Missouri yesterday to pick up a few things. I noticed that all the firearms and ammunition were taken out of the display cases and locked away out of sight. I also noticed some “skinheads” with shorts, loose shirts and tall military-style boots walking around the store. Two of them had shamrock tattoos on the back of their calves (a sign of the Arian Brotherhood). They had an imposing look about them and were following the African-American store patrons around just watching them as if they were planning something. This was unsettling to me because I live in this community. I walked around the store and just observed all that was happening. I noticed some African-American people looking at items suspiciously, and skinheads watching them suspiciously. They were both texting their people. I’m not stupid and I can see when a group is “casing” a place. I pity the “out-of-towners” because we give a false impression of our fortitude,  strength, and determination to keep our community safe.

Where I live most people are law abiding citizens, and more than half carry concealed weapons with licenses. Most of the people in Ferguson don’t have a concealed-carry license or they would have used it by this time to defend their selves. They didn’t defend themselves against the looters and thugs that came in from the surrounding bad areas because; at first they thought it helped their cause and only later did they realize it was plummeting their community into a slum of chaos. If those looters and thugs think that the people in my community will idly stand by while they try to destroy our community their wrong. We will exercise our second amendment right and defend it. They will be shot, and they will die. This is a fact.

To that end, I Think Governor Jay Nixon is obligated to send in the National Guard to quell the violence, looting and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. I think Martial Law is needed in Ferguson and the adjacent towns. I don’t make this statement lightly. I am thoroughly familiar with civil unrest and martial law from my many years in the service. Martial law accomplishes three things:

  1. It forces a curfew on the populous of a region and requires only persons that live, or have business in the affected area to be there during non-curfew hours by setting “checkpoints”, and times of general business.
  2. It peaceably or forcefully applies the law to ensure the peace in an area by having a visible presence in that area. It also uses military force on violators of the law in that area. Looters can be shot, and unlawful protests can be disbursed.
  3. It allows time for diplomatic solutions or the judiciary process to move forward concerning problems or factors causing the civil unrest such as negotiations, trials, or disposition of sentencing.

Marshall Law does work when applied intelligently. Governor Nixon,… pull your head out of your ass and for one second stop thinking about your political career and start thinking about restoring peace and protecting the community. Exercise your authority and call in the Missouri National Guard to restore peace in the community. You get my “dumbass of the year” award.

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