Be Careful What You Ask For

When asking the federal government to fix something FOR us. That has became a problem due to what appears to be their ignorance or down right stupidity. Is like asking a grizzly to hold our salmon for us. Thinking we are going to get it back in one piece. Look at history. Where has it ever came out good for the everyday citizen?

If looking objectively and honest of what is going on around us. We can see where the federal government is playing us like a nickel pin ball machine. Having us dance to their two string fiddle. Setting us up on all four sides. For what? Lets think.

We now have Ebola in North America. Instead of containing it where it was at. Halting all travel from there into the U.S. as well as quarantine of those coming from there.  We now have it in country with more than one case. One dead for sure from it.

Fear of what might happen of the unknown. There has been talk of  Ebola camps. (just happen to have some FEMA camps ready)  Along the the numerous disease’s coming into the U.S. by illegals. Being flown throughout by the federal government. Putting together the building blocks of a real national pandemic. To what avail you ask, a pandemic is justification for Marshal Law with FEMA in total control. ( you should read that law, will make your blood run cold.)

Yes that is only one.  Obama administration and the propaganda media take race baiting to a true “Hate”. Much more than the 60’s ever did. His supporters calling for uprisings. With the New Black Panthers and Code Pink . Code Pink sounds sweet but it the new name for the Weather Underground. Who’s main desire is to over throw the government by force. So they call for and organize riots. They was instigators for the riots in Egypt Arab spring. (a story of its own) Why would they? Marshal Law out of total chaos. No more elections, the one in power has absolute power. NO more Bill of Rights. The media keep the hate fresh with racial bias reporting.

Our debt collectors will be coming soon now that our rating is about to take another hit. As well as the dollar. Our monies being poured into Africa, Palistine, Al Qaeda, Hamas and every terrorist organization. Disarming and misusing our military. All the while triple down on arming FEMA, HLS and every other federal organization. With requirements to be able to fire on U.S. citizens. All who have spent their lives building 401k’s, retirement funds along with social security will be seized. That’s why Marshal Law is in motion. The redistribution of wealth will bring riots as well.

  These are just a few set ups. At one time or another fear based cries for the federal government to protect or fix something that didn’t need fixing.  Personal rights and freedoms are often the price.

So when you go to the polls for mid term elections.  Remember those who back the maniac and his gangsters. Because your being shook down and set up for the sucker punch.

Your country, constitution, liberty and all your personal beliefs of your faith are at risk………     Pray


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