The BOTO (Barack Obama’s Terrorist Org.)

Starting after Jan. 1, 2015 we are going to examine the ways this administration supports and encourages terrorist. Both foreign and domestic.

A look at the damage done against our allies as well within the United States. Lord willing if I don’t get arrested or just out right disappear. We can stir enough interest to stop the BOTO.

I ask for prayers, wisdom along with the courage and strength for blessed and right action. Be not afraid!

                                                             Thank You Don



Humble Citizenship and Protectorate


The definition of humility, or being humble as defined by literary authorities too numerous to mention here is generally as follows:

Humility is the demonstrated willingness to submit, or surrender to designated authority at the same time understanding one’s own authority and not breaching it.

Pride and selfish egotism are the direct opposite of humility. When those having the designated authority (such as police) are plainly following the rules in their actions they must not be hindered. Those who would seek to undermine that authority throw themselves into controversial societal situations in the hope that they will change their own station in life. They undermine appointed authority to get special attention. Their ego, pride, and barbaric behavior should be met head-on with authoritative action.

When groups of people in our society have prideful, selfish, and egotistical mentalities they undermine the peace in our communities, and our society. When these kinds of people form groups specifically to cause race hate, arson, looting and sometime serious injury to our citizen’s we, as a society should absolutely not stand for it. Free law-abiding citizens with the right to own guns should back-up the police when needed. We should ask to go on “ride-alongs”. We should proactively make an effort to physically support our police officers. We have that authority. We also have that responsibility.

Another incident happened in metro St. Louis (Berkley, MO). The entire incident was on HD video, the teen drew a pistol on the police officer after he robbed the gas station, and the police officer shot and killed him. Shortly after a huge mob of black racist thugs came to cause havoc and burn the QT station down. After multiple attempts to burn the station down the police quelled the violence. Now it’s Christmas and groups of blacks are protesting at the QT station for the second night. The police in Berkeley are 85% African American, and the police chief is African American. The few white officers they have are not the majority.

This behavior disgusts me to my core. I’ve never seen such prideful, racist, selfish, egotistical behavior in my entire life. They don’t deserve police. They don’t deserve peace. They deserve to be cast out of our society so they can ultimately kill each other. They are not peaceful protestors. No, they are anarchists and they want mob-rule so they can be in charge. They failed in school to the point that they have nothing to offer society. They can’t hold down a job, or raise a decent child, or help a neighbor in distress because they only think of themselves. They are a pariah to our communities, and society. We should root them out, and cast them out of our communities. By extreme force if it is required. They are terrorists.

Merry Christmas

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Another Gaint Step to Tyrant Dictatorship

The masters of misdirection along with their propaganda media has proven once again truth and honor stands little chance to stand against them.  Stating the lie loud enough and long enough to the simple minded that never research facts. The lie becomes their truth, regardless of factual truths that are presented.

How anyone not seeing the evil treasonous agenda that is being set. Is either in blatant denial, in shock from disbelief or an active part in the destruction of the United States.

The chaos that was encouraged by the Obama and Holder through their racist riot advocates Al Sharpton, New Black Panthers and many more. Has had the effect they was hoping for in their steps to total Martial Law. Stepping even closer to Marxist/Socialist Tyrant rule.

Paranoia is what I have been accused of.  While the Obama and the chaos masters have the blacks of the U.S. believing they are the target of all law enforcement. Misleading to down right lies about them being killed because they are black. While the shooting by law enforcement is there. Whites are shot and killed by police is 3 times that of blacks. Black on black shootings and killings are almost over 25% more. This point is buried, ignored and or falsely explained away. Without these lies magnified there wouldn’t be the chaos.

Another set of total misleading lies began before the Brown shooting ever went to the grand jury. All proven wrong by eye witness’s and 3…. yes three medical exames. (Like cutting the board 3 times and its still to short) Dismissed only witness’s that later changed their stories or wasn’t even there.

1, There was NO hands up don’t shoot.

The rest of what happened is public knowledge. Brown broke the law, refused to comply and was a threat to Officer Wilsons safety.

How does this all play into the Obama agenda?

1, Obama has the chaos that is required and has been for every tyrant to take total control. All his goons pushing this across the nation.

2, Now Eric Holder is making new laws to “stop racial profiling once and for all”.  This takes away from law enforcement at every level their means to follow illegal actions because of race. Of anyone foreign or domestic terrorist. Such as the New Black Panthers.   (note here The Black Panthers that tried to blow up the St. Louis Arch and assassinate St. Louis officals, Got off with a small weapons charge form the DOJ. What does that tell you.) Those who riot and burn are not protesters.They are in fact real domestic terrorist.

3, Obama and Holder are in motion right now to take over the Cleveland Police Department. With the power struggle to take over states and cities local laws.

This site the Constitution Defender. Has posted article after article about the step Obama needed to complete for total hostile take over of the United States. To many have came to pass.

Our course of action? Write, call and e-mail every media out let. Every single member of Congress the new members and the setting lame ducks. Organize!!!

Hope to hear from you….    Don


Hugs for Terrorist and Thugs

The reasoning and hugs for terrorist and riot thugs does not seem to be working.

Not when the Obama administration sends aid, comfort and arms to terrorist in the middle east. And the near cheer leading of the rioting and looting from Obama and his chief thugs. Eric Holder, Al Sharpton condone the Black Panthers involvement out right calling for burning Ferguson down. Calling for peaceful demonstration while handing out ball bats, crow bars and fire bombs.

We have the Missouri National Guard held back so the Governor Nixon would not look heavy handed against those who riot. Chose rather to hold them back while the city was burned and looted. Rumor has it was another Obama stand down order. (rumor from Lt Gov. Kinder)

So much can be said about all of this going on in Ferguson, Mo. .  I do have some questions.

1. Why wasn’t the National Guard and law enforcement present in force before press release of Grand Jury?

2. Why wait until dark?

3.  What and why the rules of engagement agreement restricting law enforcement.

Rules of engagement of the Obama administration has killed more U.S. military in Afghanistan his 6 yrs than all of Iraq and Afghanistan combined before 2008. 

4. So why set them with thugs and domestic terrorist?

5. Who is keeping an eye on what the Madman and his treasonous puppets are doing in Washington, D.C. while we are not looking?

Comments and prospective welcome.





Obama’s and the Lefts Hypocrisy

  Listening to the Obama speech truly shows the total hypocrisy of Obama, his administration, supporters and propaganda media.

My personal favorite was his calling for protection from the deportation of the “fruit pickers and those who make our beds”.  Need only change to ” the need to protect our cotton pickers and house servants from being taken from us”.  And we have the per-civil war plantation owners of the old south.

If any conservative, constitution tea party member regardless of race had made that statement. The cry of slavery would have been sounded in  every corner of the Socialist Progressive Liberals nut huts. All the usual propaganda media leading the parade of Obamanite butt kisser’s.

Then there was the usual deceiving blame on the Republican Congress Control.  Stating the bill sat in the house and they refused to do a “simple up or down vote”.  That the republican congress was the cause of nothing being passed. Of course there was more to the bill we will never know with the dem. “we have to pass it before you can know whats in it”.

Nothing said about the 100 plus bills setting in the democrat control Senate. That Harry Reid refuse’s to even come to the floor.  Jobs, security, budget and energy bills all setting in the Senate.

We don’t have to go very far back to see the blockage of bills.  President Bush (jr) wasn’t perfect by any stretch, with some fault at his door.  However in 2006 the democrats took control of Congress. Blocked every bill the President and republicans tried to push forward.  Again jobs, security and energy.  Until the sell out in 2008 just before the down turn.

Our nation is facing total financial ruin due to this administration and the fed.  Who will be setting in congress when it happens to carry the blame? (go to national live debt clock to see where we have came from 10 trillion debt since 2008)

The slide of hand seems to still be working for Obama.  He has us looking  here for him and his pen. While behind the curtain so much is being forgotten.  Healthcare rate to raise from 15 to 54% through obamacare in 2015.  The IRS, NSA and EPA computer records disappearing and hearings on each.  Benghazi hearings (Clinton will run) . Fast and Furious,  Obama’s social security number (2) fraud and so much more his Marxist media lead us away.

Always remember that chaos is Obama, his administration and media is their mainstay.  Otherwise Obama, Sharpton, Holder, Jackson wouldn’t be trying to fan Ferguson, Mo. into a national emergency. Marshal law and FEMA control regulations.  (research and read) It make the hairs on back of your neck stand up.  I have posted these before.

Stick our feet up the back sides of this New Congress. As well as the spineless ones we have now.

May God Bless and Guide Us With Wisdom, Strength and Courage.

  Let me hear from you… Don


Vote Tomorrow Surrender or Stand!

Appeasement, concessions and political correctness in the last six years has striped or nation. Understanding that the citizens and every administration has given way for decades.  Our very fiber tainted our foundation cracked.

These last six years has been nothing short of Treasonous. With hostile destruction and disregard of the U.S Constitution. This (p)res…. er ah alright, President and the 111th congress destroyed more industry than both the Germans and Japaneses of WW-2 ever hoped to have done.  Trampled on and flat out removed more personal Freedom and Liberty than Stalin and Hitler.  With the death tax alone has destroyed more family farms and jobs.

The 112th GOP control of the  House and the few GOP Senate are said to be the block of success.  The democrats of the senate have blocked over 40 jobs bills alone.  The President has had the Key Stone pipe line on his desk for over two years.

Getting to the crux of the topic.  You tell me.  Will anyone tell me when the removing of heads began in the U.S.?  After all the years of separation of church, (Christian) prayer,  removing the 10 Commandments for Federal buildings and court rooms. How and when did it become acceptable for the Koran and Islam to be taught in public schools? When did it become acceptable for the Department of Justice to cover up crimes and scandals? The State Department to support race riots. To race bait at every turn to fulfill their agenda? This list as with so many topics when it comes to this administration can go on for some time.

Fact is these happened starting before President Obama came to office.  We appeased to keep being called racist. We made concession when it came to vetting this man even before his run for Senator of Ill.  Allowing in secret federal judges to seal all his records.  Appeasing and conceding  even when his Foreign Student ID surfaced. Accepting, appeasing and conceding when a liberal federal judge admitted and DISMISSED. Obama’s illegal social security numbers and cards 2 in fact. One of a dead man, in a state that Obama had never lived. All allowed by words like appeasement, conceding, political correctness and accepting the unacceptable. The real words  FEAR! Cowards! Selfishness and in many case’s willful ignorance.

This President and his demons government has built on lie after lie. Even if the men and women of the U.S. Constitution win this election. It will take decades to correct the damage of this madman and his mobsters.

They are armed with thousands of illegal votes. Liberal federal judge’s will either block or try to block recounts. Or hold investigations of voter fraud. That has been proven on video already in 4 different states. It will take months, while the lame duck senate and this Tyrant will try to force with his pen. More un-Constitutional  laws between now and January 1.

There is so much, and so little time now. Tomorrow we vote. Those who have stood the gap making your voice’s known. Thank You.  May God Bless America.  May God Save Us from the Tyrants.  But we have to do our part.  PRAY and don’t forget to vote.


Looking Past The Deception

  There was a speech 50 years ago this week known as Time to Make a Choice.  It was like going back into the past, seeing and hearing a speech that is so relevant to what is happening today.

It was by Ronald Reagan, love him or hate him it would be worth spending the 30 minutes at youtube to listen. Reflect!

We are closing in on midterm elections that may decide the outcome of our nation. Everything is at stake, Liberty, the Constitution, U.S.  Sovereignty and the very citizenship of our country men and women. As well as our safety and welfare.

As you are reading this the religious Freedom of the Christian faith is under attack. Pastors are being dictated what they can have in their sermons. (Huston Tx. mayor leading that charge) Our public schools besides being dumb down with common core and rewriting of American history. Every forefather according to them was racist. Forgetting to mention there was as many free blacks that owned slaves as white. And whites were slaves as well. (Irish)  As well as forcing students in public schools to study and…and consider becoming Muslim. While Christian prayer and the Bible are not allowed.

These are just a few examples above. We have seen so much. Land grabs, seizures of monies and properties. The signing of treaties with the U.N without congress. Laws placed into effect without congress. The giving of arms, aid and comfort to declared enemies of the United States.  A very short time ago this would be called treason from every corner of America. Being qualified for firing squad during ANY other time in history.

So many scandals that one after the other that this administration has made it a fine art of shell game deception. With the kool-aid drinking media. Threats from IRS, FCC or what ever / who ever organization to bury them. With a corrupt Department of Justice covering up everything and anything illegal this administration does.

We now have a well planned near pandemic. This to take our minds away of being over ran by illegals. Who are now being instructed on where and how to go vote by Democrats and the Obama administration.  Citizenship being given.  Voter fraud right now with early voting is by the thousands that are known of. In Ill. and Maryland the voting machines are changing GOP votes to Democrat.

Remember we have the VA hospitals, IRS corruption, NSA spying on citizens, Benghazi assassination of Stevens and the 4 defenders, Fast & Furious . Each time a crisis was created to take our minds off finding answers.

Now we have attention on Ferguson Mo. while it does need to be dealt with.  The media is running the shell game for the administration.  Feeding the chaos that they are hoping for to cover.

Now if they want a real crisis.  There is a hostile take over of the United States going on right now across the country. By the invasion of 100’s of thousands illegals. And giving them the vote. The voter ID issue is being treated like a case of poison ivy by the media.

Probably the saddest fact of it all. Is we are so involved in our personal conquest. And just struggling to get by day to day. We find it hard to find the time or desire to get involved. To make our voice known seems futile. So we fall into the trap of doing nothing.

One voice isn’t much. Can we try and get two? Them two with us they get two more? One church singing out alone, sounds much stronger if we get others or all involved. How much stronger does it sound and is? Fear not Jesus says more than anything.

This truly is the time to choose. Band together to vote and stop the fraud. Stop the hostile take over or surrender all and our children?  That word surrender leaves a bad taste.

Send solutions! Here or somewhere. Want to gather a group? Tell me or us. Feel free to contact. Do Nothing Without Prayer!

  I hope to hear from you. Thank you for your support and your visit.


Voter ID Volunteer

  We are facing the real chance of voter fraud up in the millions in this midterm election. Otherwise would there be such a fight to keep voter ID out. When you need an ID in every aspect of our daily lives.

Lets take a look at the possibility of would COULD easily happen and how. This is only to bring awareness, not selling paranoia. There is a big difference.

Obama administration has brought thousands illegals from Syria alone. Without going through customs, giving each the sum of $10,000.00 pockets money. Found housing, foodstamps and free healthcare. The same was done with several thousands from other middle east and Africa. We have seen the invasion on our southern border. Being flown by the feds throughout the U.S.

Obama is setting for the right moment very soon. While everyone is looking at Ebola. Over a week end when congress can do nothing to block him. He will sign full amnesty along with full citizenship. Making them able to vote. And who do you think all these invaders are going to vote for? Hostile take over of the U.S.

What do we do? Wake up your friends and family that just blow of the vote. Get them registered, get em to the polls. Wake up all your church’s and those members. They can no longer set this one out from fear of losing their tax exemption. They will lose a lot more in freedom to worship and carry Gods word.

Last but not least. When you go to the polls, proclaim your self as a U.S. Constitution Defender. Show your ID even if not required.  Say and show it loud you won’t allow your nation to be overthrown. Call and write all of your state and federal officials. Just make some kind of positive stand.

See you at the polls. And once again I do hope I am wrong. But have called to many things that have happened.



Be Careful What You Ask For

When asking the federal government to fix something FOR us. That has became a problem due to what appears to be their ignorance or down right stupidity. Is like asking a grizzly to hold our salmon for us. Thinking we are going to get it back in one piece. Look at history. Where has it ever came out good for the everyday citizen?

If looking objectively and honest of what is going on around us. We can see where the federal government is playing us like a nickel pin ball machine. Having us dance to their two string fiddle. Setting us up on all four sides. For what? Lets think.

We now have Ebola in North America. Instead of containing it where it was at. Halting all travel from there into the U.S. as well as quarantine of those coming from there.  We now have it in country with more than one case. One dead for sure from it.

Fear of what might happen of the unknown. There has been talk of  Ebola camps. (just happen to have some FEMA camps ready)  Along the the numerous disease’s coming into the U.S. by illegals. Being flown throughout by the federal government. Putting together the building blocks of a real national pandemic. To what avail you ask, a pandemic is justification for Marshal Law with FEMA in total control. ( you should read that law, will make your blood run cold.)

Yes that is only one.  Obama administration and the propaganda media take race baiting to a true “Hate”. Much more than the 60’s ever did. His supporters calling for uprisings. With the New Black Panthers and Code Pink . Code Pink sounds sweet but it the new name for the Weather Underground. Who’s main desire is to over throw the government by force. So they call for and organize riots. They was instigators for the riots in Egypt Arab spring. (a story of its own) Why would they? Marshal Law out of total chaos. No more elections, the one in power has absolute power. NO more Bill of Rights. The media keep the hate fresh with racial bias reporting.

Our debt collectors will be coming soon now that our rating is about to take another hit. As well as the dollar. Our monies being poured into Africa, Palistine, Al Qaeda, Hamas and every terrorist organization. Disarming and misusing our military. All the while triple down on arming FEMA, HLS and every other federal organization. With requirements to be able to fire on U.S. citizens. All who have spent their lives building 401k’s, retirement funds along with social security will be seized. That’s why Marshal Law is in motion. The redistribution of wealth will bring riots as well.

  These are just a few set ups. At one time or another fear based cries for the federal government to protect or fix something that didn’t need fixing.  Personal rights and freedoms are often the price.

So when you go to the polls for mid term elections.  Remember those who back the maniac and his gangsters. Because your being shook down and set up for the sucker punch.

Your country, constitution, liberty and all your personal beliefs of your faith are at risk………     Pray



The REAL Racism In St. Louis

Besides a fire about two and a half feet tall, the thing that burns my ass up is racial marginalization, and racial favoritism. I’m as white as a snowflake and feel as though every person of any other color considers me a “racist”, or “racially prejudice” toward them. No matter how bad or vile they talk to me, treat me, or whatever laws they want to break, I’m the bad guy. Because of their powerlessness of ethnicity somehow I am ultimately responsible for their predicament of ethnicity. I began feeling this treatment in 1982 and it’s only gotten more intense toward me as the years drift by.

Last night an armed thug tried to shoot an off-duty police officer moonlighting as an armed security guard. The assailant was 18, black and was ultimately shot and killed by the security guard (police officer). Shortly afterward an outcry from the “black propaganda” machine in St. Louis painted an outlandish picture of a hapless teen being gunned down for no good reason by a white cop.

I’m going to clue you dumbasses in. I’m tired of my race being the scapegoat for your lazy, drug-addicted, can’t-find-a-job, freeloading, loudmouthed, rights-abusing, card-carrying, pimping, bully-assed RACISM! You are the racists, and most intelligent individuals know this as a fact. You marginalize yourselves with the abusive rhetoric you slop at the other races.  Two times groups representing themselves as concerned protestors for the black communities in St. Louis have chanted “Who do we want?” “Darren Wilson.” “How do we want him?” “Dead.” If a white group said that sort of thing they would arrest them. Oh, that’s right, they did. They were the KKK, and they were arrested in Georgia for the very same thing. Who do you a%#holes think you are? I’ll help you with this answer. You are the black KKK (Black Panthers). I’ve been interracially married for 33 years and my entire family is sickened by your inflamed, racist agenda. I didn’t think it was physically possible to suck and blow simultaneously but it is with you because you are “true racists” hiding behind your minority status. You will marginalize yourselves and your race right out of validity. Here’s your last clue. The document states “We the people…” not “Me the people”. Peace, out.